DiscipleQuest: a lifelong quest for spiritual growth, discovery, and action.

DiscipleQuest is designed for anyone in 4th grade or anytime afterward and continues for a lifetime. (NOTE: This is not a “youth program,” but a multigenerational spiritual growth paradigm.) Participants are taught to teach, trained to train, and coached to coach. While the process has milestones, every participant continues on as long as each draws breath. That’s what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Now what?
Start by watching the video series below. Then download the DiscipleQuest Handbook and a couple completed Missions. That should give you a decent idea how it works. Subscribe for updates, and when we’re ready to roll it out for public use, we’ll let you know. Meanwhile, feel free to use it as is, grab ideas from existing missions to supplement whatever you’re doing now, or use the Group Leaders Handbook or Commissioned Local Missionary materials to launch just those portions.

More information:

Note: This is a temporary site, a placeholder of sorts. We hope to have a full website with tools for DQuesters in the future, but we set this site up temporarily so people could start using it today.

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